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The Török Flóris Törekvés Basketball Club (Törekvés SE) is a non-profit sport organization. Formed in 1997, our association offers a high quality basketball experience to school age girls at all skill levels.

 Törekcés csapatfotó

Since its establishment in 1997 as a school basketball team our club joined the FTC and MAFC, both clubs with strong roots in Hungarian basketball. Over the past years we have grown to numerous teams competing in all age divisions from 9 year old girls to young women 17-18 years of age. 

Törekvés SE emphasizes fundamentals, teamwork, and personal growth, all while making basketball an enjoyable experience for all - players and spectators alike. This opportunity is open to all players who love the game, have a positive and success-oriented attitude and desire to improve on and off the court.

In 2001 the FTC and MAFC discontinued sponsoring the youth basketball. However with the help of Törekvés SE we have been able to continue in Kőbánya, in the 10th district of Budapest.

Törekvés SE offers several sport opportunities besides basketball: fencing, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair basketball, and sitting volleyball. The club also hosts the Paralympic Center which is unique in Hungary and Europe.

The association of he Törekvés SE continues in it’s commitment to providing opportunities for athletes with a disability to participate in a fully integrated sport program. It also promotes growth at the initiation, developmental, competitive and elite levels in numerous sport programs for youth, women and men. In the past our athletes have won several gold and silver medals wheelchair fencing in the Paralympic Games, World Championships and European Championships.

We believe that inclusion is fundamental to achieving equity and access in sport and therefore promotes the "sport for all" concept, encouraging athletes with a disability and able-bodied athletes to compete together on the same court. This system allows for fair and equitable competition for all.